About Us

BoozeHub, a creation of Ugly Dog Media, was created to be a cutting-edge online magazine about all things alcohol. We bring you the latest thoughts, news, and fun about beer, wine, and liquor, great new cocktail recipes, and the inside scoop on where to go in the U.S. for a drink. We like a good single-malt Scotch, but we’re not too snooty about it and won’t insist on the most expensive bottle. We enjoy a craft IPA, but still enjoy a nice cold lager. We do draw the line at drinking wine out of a box though, and still insist that there’s no such thing as a “watermelon martini.” A martini is gin, vermouth, and two olives in the glass, and substituting the gin in favor of vodka defeats the entire purpose of it.

Dan Blacharski, editor-in-chief